About Us

Welcome to Windsor Pine Beds & Furniture where you will find a range of superior quality furniture. Windsor Pine Beds & Furniture has been designing and manufacturing high quality furniture for over two decades. Our experience in furniture manufacturing provides you with continuity, craftsmanship and the finest quality.

We believe in manufacturing of quality-handcrafted furniture. All our furniture is hand made by our craftsman; their attention to details extols the timeless beauty of natural wood. Using the highest quality of raw materials our craftsman ensure that each piece of furniture blends seamlessly into all interiors and provides each room with that extra element of elegance.

We offer a stunning range of top quality Scandinavian Redwood Pine and Solid Oak Beds and Furniture for a budget to suite your customer.

We are very passionate about providing the best for your business, so that you can supply the very finest sold wood furniture, to your customers. This commitment to customer service is what sets us apart in today’s competitive market place. We know how important it is for you to get your orders on time, regardless wherever you are in the UK. We have our own fleet of dedicated delivery vehicles to ensure that you receive your orders on time and in perfect condition.